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Tell me...are we truly heroes attempting to keep peace? Or are we the pawns being blindly guided to ignite another war?
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 Elske Born

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PostSubject: Elske Born   Mon May 04, 2015 6:24 pm

Name: Elske Born

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Half-Bear Faunus Half-Human

Symbol: The Born family emblem: A brown silhouetted bear head seen from the side with a sword and axe crossed down behind it, personalized by replacing the bear's eye with a skull and crossbones.

Job(s)/Occupation(s): Beacon Student First-Year.

Face Claim:
5'6 in height, 127 in weight. Brown-green hair with bear ears of the same colour.
This muddy colour to be specifc:
Brown-green eyes. (Same shade) Wears a brown-green jacket with bear ears and a grey fur trim, a white shirt underneath, a belt with a skull and crossbones on it, a red plaid skirt that goes to her lower thighs (Sometimes she wears ripped black jeans instead) and black platform boots with black and white stockings. In combat she wears a brown-green set of leather armor.

Bio: Born the older of two siblings to Peter and Tonma Born in the City of Vale, Elske was trained since she was three to go to Beacon and become the great hunter her paternal grandparents were and her father was not. Nothing besides that really happened other than her meeting one of her best friends, Baki. Soon after she met her other best friend and future lover, Annie. Eventually she did get into Beacon. She had a simple early life....

Personality: Hot-headed and aggressive, as well as immature, but otherwise a good person. Elske is infamous at Beacon for her anger issues, as well as her being such a daddy's girl since her father is the Grimm Studies teacher, despite him not giving her any special treatment in class (Do not imply that he does, it makes'em both mad). Absolutely hates Nevermore and has a phobia of lightning and will go near-catatonic if electricity in large amounts of any kind strikes anywhere near her and absolutely panics if she even spots a Nevermore. Lesbian.

Semblance: White Mage Spectrum: A sort of selective AoE buff/debuff effect on the target's Aura that depends on her emotion at the time:
Happy/Confident: If she is feeling confident, happy or similar positive emotions her semblance will enhance the defense of the target's aura, but weaken their semblance by a small amount.
Angry: If Elske is angry, the effect will cause the target's semblance to become powered up by a reasonable amount, but lower it's defense effect.
Scared/Sad: If Elske feels a negative emotion besides some variation of anger her semblance will cause her target to speed up by a reasonable amount at the cost of their Aura and Semblance power. This is the rarest use, due to her loving fighting and her quick temper

Strengths: Extremely loyal. Physically stronger than she looks. Reasonably wealthy. Loves loves LOVES to fight! Very "What you see is what you get". Extremely confident in her abilities

Weaknesses: Quick temper. Low aura. Maybe loves to fight a little too much... Very "What you see is what you get"... Not that bright. A bit too much of a daddy's girl. Maybe a little bit too confident...


Name: Porta Gladium

First Form: A large Claymore. The blade is brown with the highlights being crimson red, the hilt is a lighter shade of brown than the blade with the metal cap and crossguard being the same crimson as the blade's highlights.

Second Form: The blade opens up down the middle to reveal a large crossbow.

Bio: A Born family heirloom used for generations.
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PostSubject: Re: Elske Born   Thu May 07, 2015 10:03 pm

Eeeeeh, I don't really see anything wrong or needing to be fixed right now. Accepted and moved.
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Elske Born
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