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Tell me...are we truly heroes attempting to keep peace? Or are we the pawns being blindly guided to ignite another war?
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 Grimm Template [9-10-14]

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PostSubject: Grimm Template [9-10-14]   Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:26 pm

Want to submit a Grimm for everybody to use? Fill out this template and post it up!


Name: What is the name of your Grimm? Simple enough.

Based Off Of: What creature is this Grimm based off of? Monkey? Alligator? Note that, like how it is with Faunus, you may make a Grimm based off of any creature; be it realistic or mythical. That being said, yes; you may make Grimm that represent dragons, hydras, and things of that sort – but within sense and reason! If you make a Monkey-based Grimm, make sure that actually looks like a monkey and doesn’t live in the desert. If you make a shark-based Grimm, make sure that it actually looks like a shark and lives in the water.

Grimm that are based off of and/or imported directly from some kind of game or show will be rejected.

Examples would include things like:
Ursa Major
Ursa Minor
(Variations of the Ursa. May or may not be used in the actual forum. Just provided for an example.)

Habitat: Does this Grimm thrive in forests? The swamp? Maybe even the desert? Once again, list the habitats for all Grimm variations, if you created any at all.

Appearance: Describe the general appearance of this Grimm. What is its average size? Does it have any significant physical qualities to take note of? If you have created variations to your customary Grimm, make sure to include their statistics and qualities, as well! There are no bright-colored Grimm as of now, though this may be subject to change as the RWBY series progresses. For now, however, just stick to the normal palette that Grimm have been colored with: black, red, and white!

Primary Weaponry: What does it use to attack? Its paws? Fangs? Feet, if it has any? Remember that Grimm cannot wield weapons, but can do so much as lift an object and hurl it across the clearing as a projectile, of sorts.

Weak Points: Where is this Grimm weak? The stomach? Chest? Back? Make sure to give at least one weak point to your Grimm. Like characters, Grimm can’t be invincible, of course!

Slaying Difficulty: Can this Grimm be taken down by a single person? Does it need a small group to take down? Will even a group of maybe ten to twenty people get the job done, but with a lot of effort?


[b][u]Based Off Of:[/u][/b]



[b][u]Primary Weaponry:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Weak Points:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Slaying Difficulty:[/u][/b]
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Grimm Template [9-10-14]
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