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 Raoul Leviathan Azuryn ||| The Hellbound Leviathan

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PostSubject: Raoul Leviathan Azuryn ||| The Hellbound Leviathan   Sun May 03, 2015 2:09 am


Name: Raoul Leviathan Azuryn

Age: Eighteen Years of Age; Born on the thirteenth day of the fourth month.

Gender: Male

Based Off Of: Loosely based off of the guardian hellhound, Cerberus, alongside its brother, Orthrus.

Species: Faunus (Has the traits of both a wolf and a dragon because of his parents. He has a dragon’s/reptile’s vertically slit pupils and horns on either side of his head, alongside a wolf’s tail and a pair of wolf ears.)

Symbol: The image of a tribal western dragon head, with what seems to be static/electricity flickering all around it. Its ears seem to gradually fade into a fur-like structure, making them seem like thinner, slightly furred versions of wolf ears. Its maw is open with its teeth bared.

Job(s)/Occupation(s): Professional Musician (Primarily a Vocalist/Guitarist), Employee of the Grimm Night (Club), Beacon First-Year

Appearance: Thanks to his father’s genetics, Raoul stands tall at a height of six foot eleven, though, due to the fact that he isn’t a full Dragon Faunus, his height has been cut down from the maximum that he could have been otherwise by a foot or so. Weighs roughly one hundred and ninety-seven pounds; a perfectly healthy yet lighter-class weight for a boy of his height and build. Both of his eyes are a shining tint of silver, each encasing vertically slit pupils that match similarly to a reptilian’s. His hair is a bit long and fashioned to be somewhat brushed upwards and towards the side. It maintains a sort of darker and lightly faded coloring of a brownish orange.

Aside from his slit pupils, there are a few other things that give way to the fact that he’s a Faunus. For starters, a pair of furred wolf ears could be seen on either side of his head, replacing whatever humanoid ears that he would’ve had. He also has a slightly lengthy and short-furred canine tail that matches in coloring to his ears; a slightly lighter shade of orange in comparison to his hair. These two things represent his mother’s wolf genetics, while both his slit pupils and his horns (a pair of small horns on either side of his head, located just behind either one of his ears) give way toward his father’s reptilian genetics. He also has teeth and nails that are somewhat sharper and a bit lengthier than most others, which could be a result from either one of his parents.

His upper body wear is somewhat similar to his mother’s normal outfit, as his second layer (his first layer is a simple, white hoodie/sweatshirt) maintains the basic designs and patterns that her clothing has. However, rather than being shortsleeved with the cuffs folded up, Raoul’s upper body wear is more of a vest-like top, due to the fact that it doesn’t actually have any sleeves. Alongside this, it’s more of a single, vested coat that does drape down past his waist, though only at his flanks and his back, and not the front. The coat does still take a base coloring of black, but whatever red designs that would have been seen on his mother’s attire would instead be a darkened and faded hue of blue, and would also be outlined in white. As a tribute to his father, he wears a similar, lengthened, and slightly worn-out scarf, though in a lighter coloring of orange to maintain a dual representation of both of his parents.

For the lower body, Raoul tends to wear a simple pair of jeans, alongside a pair of running/athletic shoes. The coloring an vary on occasion, but his pants are normally a faded black or a lightish grey, while his shoes are, often times, white or black.

Spoiler tagged to save space:

Personality: In many senses, Raoul tends to represent how his father acted as a child. Free-spirited, rebellious, and somewhat of a trickster; Raoul tends to purposely act rashly, though does put some thought into his actions in order to foresee any possible outcomes that his actions may push him into. Being a reflection of his father’s younger self, he tends to be somewhat challenging yet kind all the same, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind or to stand up for himself or those that he cares for. Heavily for the idea of equality and justice. Normally doesn’t let insults or other negative comments get him down, and has no problem snapping back to assert his position or rights.

Little do people know, Raoul actually is a pretty responsible student, despite how his actions and whatnot tend to say otherwise. He knows his own, daily priorities, and goes on to accomplish them first unless he was told otherwise and for a good reason. Afterwards, he always leaves the dorms or the house to go explore around the city. The most popular places to catch him would more than likely be clubs, or maybe even out in the forest skygazing and/or stargazing, depending on the time of day, if he isn’t out for training purposes.

Although Raoul tends to come off as an immature prankster at times, he does know how to keep himself in check- and does have a line that he personally has and almost never crosses. He may be spontaneous and free-spirited a lot of the time, but he does hold the politeness that his father has, as well as the stern sense of seriousness that both of his parents seem to have under select circumstances. Often times, it’s hard to get kick him into serious means of actions, but, if it does happen, one would immediately know by his sudden shift in persona. Rather than continuing on with life as his normal, carefree mannerisms, he’ll quiet down a significant amount, his tone will grow cold, calculating, and possibly even judging, and the smile that he always seems to wear will more than likely be replaced by either a scowl or an emotionless expression altogether. He’ll also begin talking in a formal manner, cutting down on using contractions during his speech and will most likely end up using higher-class vocabulary and sentence structures.

For sake of teamwork, he’ll probably remain open to working with most people- regardless of whether or not he dislikes/hates them. Most of the time, he’ll just try his best to hold his tongue unless his questionable allies do something unjust or unfair.

Semblance: Static Rush ||| It’s safe to say that Static Rush is the result of a combination of both of his parents’ Semblances. What Static Rush does is enable him to become in sync and actually be able to concentrate the electricity both around him and within his body to a specific part (or parts) of his body, allowing the concentrated portions of his body to be used to pack an extra punch or two when striking. Through this same method, he is also capable of boosting his agility and speed altogether by releasing a large and highly-charged shockwave of energy that could boost him forward a base of roughly four meters or so per shockwave/launch, with a maximum of around five shockwaves able to be used consecutively before he needs to undergo a miniature cooldown to recharge himself. These abilities were inherited from his mother.

His father’s genetics come into play when considering how the effectiveness and strength of his abilities escalates. Depending on how strong and how many negatively-based emotions that he’s feeling at a given moment (primarily and especially rage), Static Rush would scale in power in numerous stacks and power chunks. With each negative emotion that he feels or with each negative thought coursing throughout his mind, his abilities ramp up to some degree. When this happens, the speed in which he is able to jump forwards at increases from the base of five yards, and the strength of each electrical shockwave that he releases becomes more fierce and strengthened. At a certain point, these shockwaves will become a normal occurrence with each of his strikes, regardless of whether or not he makes contact with anything, so damage from a distance is still completely possible. Another part of his father’s own Semblance becomes apparent by the fact that, when Static Rush is enabled, electricity begins to flicker and lash wildly around his being, regardless if the bolts are actually attached to his skin or not. Unless concentrated to a part of his body, purposely pulsed through a shockwave, or he meets the point in which his emotions gauge how strong he is, the most that these bolts will do is cause minor and annoying shocks to nearby allies and enemies alike. As another perk of being his father’s son, he can also conduct this electrical aura of his through his weaponry.

Having gone through personal training sessions hosted by his father to control and maintain his aura and Semblance-related capabilities, Raoul is capable of keeping Rush ongoing for an average timespan of roughly fifteen to nineteen minutes, with a complete maximum of around twenty-three minutes without going past his comfort zone. Unless he does go past his capabilities, cooldown normally takes a minute or so less than the total amount of time that he used his Semblance for.

+High aura capacity and skill; inherited from his father.
+More lithe and agile than his father, due to not being a full Dragon Faunus with an immensely tanky build.
+Still maintains a dragon’s strength, so that parameter is significantly more augmented.
+Due to having partial wolf blood, his senses of hearing and smell are augmented.
+His Faunus bloodlines in general enable him the ability of night vision.
+Excels in both close combat and ranged combat alike.

-Like his father, he tends to overexert himself when training his aura/Semblance-related abilities.
-A bit too rash at times; his actions may get him into some degree of trouble on occasion.
-While his height is a major advantage, it could also be a disadvantage when remaining out of sight if he isn’t careful enough.
-It’s pretty easy to trigger his fiery temper sometimes.
-…Let’s just say that he found a book on accident and got punched in the left shoulder by his mother when she found out. It was a pretty strong blow that left lingering effects to this day.


Name: Beauty and the Beast

First Form: A pair of lightweight yet highly durable armored gauntlets that cover both fists, alongside the majority of either arm up until the shoulders. When reaching the bends of the elbows, the metal and armoring that is used to protect either limb tends to decrease though still remains connected by a couple of latches in order to enable the arm in subject to be able to be flexed and bent. Each gauntlet takes the basic image of a different animal; when worn, one of Raoul’s hands will be hidden beneath the build of a fierce-looking and metallic wolf head, while the other would practically be the same thing, but with a dragon’s head rather than a wolf’s. Beauty, the wolf, is always worn on his left hand/arm, while Beast, the dragon, is always worn on his right hand/arm.

Both gauntlets are first and foremost used for close-ranged combat, of course, but are still capable of allowing ranged use, as well, due to their Dust capabilities. By setting dials located on the wrists of each gauntlet to certain modes, Raoul can use two types of Dust to aid him when dealing damage up close and personal or via a beam/bullet-like projectiles from a distance. When the dial is set to fire bullet-like forms, all he needs to do is punch and the Dust corresponding to either gauntlet will be released at the same time. Should he set the dial to fire a beam, then the bottom portion of either gauntlet would lower themselves revealing his hand beneath, which, by then, would have been clad and armored within an internal glove with a Dust channel in the center of the palm. When shifted to dial form, the lower parts of each gauntlet – the parts representing either animal’s lower jaws – would sink down a bit and lock, making it seem as if either a wolf or a dragon (if not both) were firing some highly strengthened blast from its mouth.

Beauty uses Electric/Lightning Dust.
Beast uses Fire Dust.

Scopes are attached to the tops of the forearms of each gauntlet to voluntarily increase accuracy.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

Bio: The first set of weaponry that Raoul crafted for himself, alongside his primary and more preferred weapons to use. Beauty was designed to represent his mother, Ishini, while Beast was designed to represent his father, Corvou. While each gauntlet has his own, personal symbol on the back of the hands plates and on top of the heads of either animal that they represented, the plates that cover the bottom of his wrists are subtly yet clearly engraved with the symbols of the parent that they supposedly represent.

He produced either gauntlet by himself for the most part, though did ask his mother for basic gauntlet blueprints, as well as his father for help with matters regarding aura conduction. After minor trial and error following the basic construction of both Beauty and Beast, necessary adjustments were made in order to enable Raoul the ability to utilize his weapons with his aura and Semblance. Because of this, he can use his own aura as either a replacement for his Dust when using the Dust-based capabilities, or to amplify the Dust effects.


Name: Hellbound Cerberus

First Form: A rather lengthy and wide-bladed broadsword, with its blade bound extremely tightly within a long chain. From hilt to blade tip, Cerberus reaches a total length of six feet and five inches, while its blade width measures to approximately five and a half inches. The blade itself is rather jagged with various nicks and spaces purposely placed along either edge of the blade in order to allow the chains bound to it a place to tighten and secure themselves, with the dials for each chain within the center portion of either side of the blade. Safe to say, these chains are kept in place by these dials, though are also kept in place by a couple of gears and other dials on one of the two spaulders that he wears (see more in the next weapon slot).

Various Dust and emptied channels could be seen cycling throughout the blade itself and actually connecting into the chains, showing capabilities for elementally amplified strikes. The emptied channels are used when aura conduction is triggered, and, when this happens, these channels tend to shine sharply, brightly, and boldly within a light, slate-like hue; a color matching to his own aura.

The handleguard of the sword bears the image of a trio of hellhound heads- the representation and cause of the weapon being named ‘Cerberus’. These heads trigger the Dust modes when moved down, as they become locked in place and fully open the Dust circuits within the blade and chains and allow them to course through the weapon as a whole in order to amplify Raoul’s strikes, regardless if they connect or miss. The left head controls Ice Dust, the central head controls Fire Dust, and the right head controls Lightning Dust. Depending on what mode the sword is set to, the eyes of each head will change color. When using Ice, the eyes turn a light, frosty, and chilling blue; Fire turns the eyes a demonic and fiery reddish-orange; and Lightning turns the eyes a bold and striking hue of yellow/golden. If all types are used at once, then the eyes will shift to become a shining, silvery coloring. Should he use his aura and Semblance as a connection/conduction source while using Cerberus, the eyes would turn a ghostly white.

Second Form: By physically turning the heads on the hilt, Cerberus undergoes a noticeable change in figure. Within a matter of seconds, the blade itself appears to compress and grow thinner, shrinking down from a blade width of five and half inches to roughly two and a half inches in total. The central part of the blade pulls apart to reveal the internal portions of the chain dials, alongside a bar within the blade that is used to grasp the weapon by the center. As this happens, the hilt of the sword compresses, as well, and becomes enveloped by the portion of the blade that was closest to it. Excluding the headed dial, the basic majority of the hilt area becomes enveloped within the blade itself, transforming Cerberus from its primary broadsword-like build to a sort of double-tipped sword or saber/javelin-type weapon. In this form, the chains shift a bit to allow Cerberus to maintain its double-edged and thinner build, though remain loose enough to enable Raoul the ability to throw Cerberus through the air as a ranged weapon. All Dust attributes stated in the previous form are still accessible and adjustable through the headed dial.

Various ports and holes are opened and revealed along both the blade and the chains themselves, increasing whatever effects that the Dust within them would have with each strike. They also fully prepare Raoul for potential and fully effective use to utilize his Semblance and aura with it.

Third Form: N/A

Bio: In contrast to his primary weapons, Cerberus was built solely by Raoul during his spare moments. All designs and blueprints were composed by his own being, and he truly did build it from scratch on his own.


Name: Guardian Orthrus

First Form: A pair of double-plated spaulders, each residing on either one of Raoul’s shoulders. Each armoring plate of Orthrus is flexible, durable, and lightweight, and is slightly shaped and engraved with designs that represent the image of a sort of canine with its maw open and its teeth fiercely bared. These spaulders come complete with the collars that cover one side, around the back of the neck, and hooks around to the other side of the neck. Chain dials on the right spaulder can be found, and are connected to the blade of his broadsword, Cerberus. When Raoul throws Cerberus in its second form, he uses Orthrus to quickly draw and reel the blade back to him as if it were a fish on a line. The trigger for this isn’t physically activated, but, rather, voice and sound activated. By making a particular noise (seemingly a growl or a sort of bestial bark, of sorts), Raoul triggers the functioning of the chains within Guardian Orthrus, causing it to either loosen its chains to allow Cerberus to soar farther throw the air when airborne, or lock and tighten in order to yank the blade back to Raoul himself.

Because the chains have minor Dust capabilities and are connected to both spaulders of Orthrus (the right spaulder is still connected to the left one through the collar’s armoring), Guardian Orthrus is given lightly-leveled Dust features. In contrast to the Dust uses seen within Cerberus, as well as Beauty and the Beast, the Dust features within Orthrus are used for defensive purposes most of the time, rather than offensive. To provide distractions or minor sheets of protection/a slight shield of Dust around him, Raoul tends to specifically use pulses of Lightning Dust to expel from the spaulders in order to cause possible shocks to nearby foes, and to prevent harm from being caused to his being due to his inherited electrical tolerance.

Alongside the Dust channels, the chains that connect Cerberus to Orthrus also hold the emptied channels that are used for aura conduction. Because of this, Raoul can also synchronize his aura and Semblance with Orthrus, much like how he can with Beauty, Beast, and Cerberus.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

Bio: Same as Hellbound Cerberus. Due to their connected capabilities and effects, both Cerberus and Orthrus were created around relatively the same time.

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PostSubject: Re: Raoul Leviathan Azuryn ||| The Hellbound Leviathan   Fri May 08, 2015 6:20 pm

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Raoul Leviathan Azuryn ||| The Hellbound Leviathan
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