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 Andrea "Mors" Varryx ||| The Grimm Hybrid [WIP]

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PostSubject: Andrea "Mors" Varryx ||| The Grimm Hybrid [WIP]   Sat May 09, 2015 1:58 pm

”Even if I need it, I’ll never ask for help for anything. If I do, I’ll just be a burden to the people I care about, so… I’ll just smile and nod like everything’s okay for as long as it takes.”


Name: Andrea “Mors” Varryx

Age: Seventeen years of age; Born on the fifth day of the first month.

Gender: Female

Based Off Of: Partially off of the Roman God(dess) of Death, Mors, as well as a Grimm.

Species: Human/Partial Grimm (Due to her mother’s and her father’s lab-infused genetics. Unless her Semblance is activated, her animal attributes won’t be openly seen- aside from her retractable nails due to her father’s wolverine genetics.)

Symbol: The image of the well-known and fractured/shattered moon that hangs over Vale many nights, with what seems to be a person wearing a Grimm mask overlapping it. If one looks close enough on the side of the mask that is shown, they would see the Korean stroke patterns for the word “death”.

Job(s)/Occupation(s): Professional/Hobbyist Musician (Primarily Vocals/Guitar), Member of the Hybrid Fiasco (Band), Hobbyist/Professional Artist (Author, Illustrator, etc.), Hobbyist/Professional Parkour Artist, Hobbyist (Hip-Hop) Dancer, Waitress at the Ionic Serenade, Beacon First-Year

Spoiler tagged to save space:


Spoiler tagged to save space:

Semblance: Hybrid Conflictions |||

+Significantly stronger than she seems.
+Enhanced sense of both vision and hearing from Beowolf blood.
+Her small stature enables fast and agile movement.
+Easily adjusted to climbing due to freerunning/parkour experience.
+Immense training related to the Masked Revolution further augments her skills.
+Born with a naturally augmented and capable aura capacity/Semblance tolerance.
+Excellent hand-eye coordination, alongside second to none reflexes.
+Somewhat of an internal strategist; a result of playing numerous strategic video games.
+A keen observer. She tends to keep a sharp eye on her surroundings, and notices things much quicker than most other people.

-While her smaller frame is her advantage, it also is her disadvantage. If caught off guard, she could be easily swept away/knocked back.
-Inherited her father’s instability/sadism/masochism.
-Depression and stress could easily crack her if her guard is down.
-She has horrible stamina. Although she’s speedy and is faster than almost everyone that she knows, she can only run at her top speed for a minute at most before completely exhausting herself. (Unless there were breaks in between an activity, her Semblance is activated, or adrenaline overcame her, she would begin to black out soon after reaching a cooldown/resting period.)
-Her constitution is low, and, thus, she is significantly more prone to sickness/illnesses in comparison to others. (She could be sick, get better for roughly a week, and then get sick again for a longer period of time. Often affects her heavily with her training habits.)
-Socially awkward/finds it hard to communicate when meeting new acquaintances.
-Unless pushed to the breaking point, she’s often passive when it comes to being involved in conflictions/being abused in some sort of way.


Name: Grimm Retribution

First Form: Another version of her father’s Bestial Retribution, and a powerful and highly durable product of the Masked Revolution’s weaponry. Much like Bestial Retribution, Grimm Retribution takes the form of a tightly-packed and folded up club-like figure, though is thinner in comparison to Bestial Retribution. The handle is encased within one side of the club, while, on the opposing end and side from where the handle is located, there are small ridges and spikes to enable higher damage with a connected strike.

Dust channels of varying colors are seen striking throughout the weapon even in this form. Some channels are different colors than the standard Dusts (Red/Azure/Yellow/Green), coming in either varying shades of the standard Dusts or appearing as different colors altogether. This indicates that, alongside the standard Dusts, Grimm Retribution uses Dust combinations for differing and varying Dust effects for multiple senses of impact. In this form, they are released through small ports all throughout the club.

Second Form: Grimm Retribution unfolds quickly from its initial, clubbed form, shifting into the general build of a katana. When folded outwards and completely locked to hold a horizontal length, it reaches a length of four foot four from handle base to blade tip; a size that, when it’s held vertically, just reaches the bottom of her chin. Despite its somewhat lengthy form in comparison to her own figure, Andrea is easily able to wield it with a single hand; partially due to how she’s been accustomed to training with weaponry nearly as tall as herself, and partially due to the fact that, all while maintaining a stable and usable material and figure, Retribution is pretty lightweight.

Of course, the Dust channels still remain even through the form shift. When within the Second Form, Grimm Retribution’s Dust channels strike all across either side of the blade, constantly overlapping one another in a sort of grid-like pattern. Each channel is can either be opened or closed by small ports on the edge of the blade or the tip, and is triggered by both the rotational handleguard and a couple of buttons on the actual sword handle.

Third Form: When held within the selected hand, Retribution triggers itself and begins shifting once more- tough to fit the build of an armored gauntlet. Regardless of the hand (left or right) that Andrea wields Retribution within, it is capable of armoring her hand around the handle, with the remainder of the sword – basically the blade – folding and shifting in numerous angle and degrees to become an armored arm-gauntlet cross. The Dust channels within it in this form continue to cycle furiously around the metal plates that the blade would have become, and join together in her palm, where Dust beams of varying strengths can be fired/pulsed to enhance strikes.

Bio: A result of Andrea’s entry into the Masked Revolution. Numerous prototypes scaling to her height during her earlier years of adolescence were forged, with the current form being the final type seen today. The previous prototypes can be seen both within her room at home, alongside her dormitory at Beacon, but all forms of Grimm Retribution excluding the one that she actively uses as a weapon within the current day are locked and dormant, and, although they can still be deadly, are simply meant for display.

Its blueprints were composed from her father’s secondary weapon, Shadow’s Embrace.


Name: Grimm Requiem

First Form: Takes the form of an electric acoustic guitar of a smooth, base hue of a pitch black that gradually fades into a somewhat dark red as it nears the center. Over these base colorings are rather professional-looking and striking images of tribal Grimm crossing paths. A Wolverine Grimm appears to be sweeping over from the right of the guitar and is facing left, while a Wolf Grimm appears to be sweeping over from the left and is facing right. The background holds a sort of evening landscape, with the faded combinations of both red and black behind the Grimm being the night sky. What appears to be the shattered Vytal moon hangs diagonally to the right over the Wolverine Grimm. Much like Grimm Retribution, Grimm Requiem does hold a vast amount of Dust currents within it. These currents outline some portions of the figures that make up the images of the instrument.

She does have a speaker that she attaches it to in order to enhance its sound qualities, but normally leaves it at home unless she’s playing at a club or for some other occasion with the Hybrid Fiasco. When carrying it around freely, it’s normally kept in a thin, yet durable casing that’s slung over her shoulders and across her back.

Second Form: While Requiem’s neck remains the same in structure for the most part – only changing as its strings slide inward within the neck for protection during its second form transformation, and also grows thinner and more cylindrical – the body of the guitar itself shifts quite a bit. After its strings become encased within its figure, Requiem’s body actually compresses and flattens to form an axe blade.

In this form, a couple of thin yet highly durable layers of metal overlap the initial wood that composes Requiem, but are seethrough to allow the contents beneath to still be able to be seen. The Dust currents remain, though course wildly throughout the newfound axe blade. Small slits within either blade’s edges can be found that release a select amount of a select type of Dust.

Unlike Grimm Retribution, Requiem actually stands over Andrea’s own height, though at the height of an average person. At full length from pole base to axe head, it comes at a length of roughly five foot seven, but she can still wield it due to exceptional strength and lightweight yet durable weapon material.

Third Form: N/A

Bio: See Bio for Grimm Retribution. Rather than the blueprints of Shadow’s Embrace, Grimm Requiem was more based on the blueprints of Ryan’s primary weapon, Bestial Retribution.


Name: Grimm Oblivion

First Form: A dual set of chained scythes. Regardless of whether one is looking at the scythes themselves or the chain from which they are bound by, Oblivion is, as could be assumed from its name, a darkened, oblivion-like black coloring. Each scythe has a foot-long handle, with blades that reach a length of roughly one and a half feet. Much like Retribution and Requiem, Dust channels can be seen coursing throughout both the blades and the chains, showing their connections to each other. Small ports on the backs of the scythe heads on the top of the actual scythe poles/handles can be seen, and are actually where the Dust channels can be expelled from in either beams or bullet-like projectiles.

Likewise, physical bullets can be shot from these same ports. The bottoms of each scythe handle are retractable, and, once, they are slid open, reveal a small chamber in which ammo can be loaded. It can be opened by giving a good tug on the chain that connects both scythes to one another, and automatically locks once an ammo pack is inserted.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

Bio: Unlike Requiem and Retribution, Grimm Oblivion was actually the weaponry piece that Andrea created during her years at Signal Academy. It was initially a simple, dual scythe set. The Dust capabilities were added later.

Voiceclaim - Rachie

Music Claims

Normal Theme ||| ”….This is my life to live. I won’t be held down.”
It Has Begun by Starset -

Thoughtful/Dormant ||| Slipping ||| ”Sometimes, I just wanna see the world go to Hell and back, honestly.”
Paradise Lost by Hollywood Undead -

Sinking Low ||| Giving Up ||| ”Yeah…it kinda sucks when no one knows, to be honest…”
Break the World by Nine Lashes -

Battle Theme ||| Normal ||| ”You wanna fucking go? C'mon. Let's fucking go.”
Day of the Dead by Hollywood Undead -

Battle Theme ||| Snapped ||| ”Y’know what? I’m fucking tired of your shit. Get the fuck away from me before I kick your ass.”
Dark Places by Hollywood Undead -

Shipping ||| Tier One ||| ”…Jesus, I hate feeling confused like this…”
Some by Soyu and Junggigo -
(English translations provided in the video.)

Shipping ||| Tier Two ||| ”…Saranghae. Mahal kita. Wo ai ni. Ti amo. Aishiteru. …’Kay, you probably didn’t understand any of that, but I still feel… happily awkward about saying that…”
Beautiful Escape by AJ Rafael -

Shipping ||| A Deeper Tone ||| ”…S-So… A-Aha…physical contact, am I right…?”
Truth or Dare by Emily Osment -
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Andrea "Mors" Varryx ||| The Grimm Hybrid [WIP]
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