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Tell me...are we truly heroes attempting to keep peace? Or are we the pawns being blindly guided to ignite another war?
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 Haruki Ishcul Azuryn ||| The Half-Dragon Mastermind

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PostSubject: Haruki Ishcul Azuryn ||| The Half-Dragon Mastermind   Mon May 04, 2015 5:59 pm


Name: Haruki Ishcul Azuryn

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Dragon/Wolf Faunus


Job(s)/Occupation(s): First Year Beacon Student, Self-Appointed Goddess

Appearance: Haruki’s appearance betrays her personality in some sense. Standing at 5 feet exactly, she has bright, slitted draconian amber eyes, and her hair is a dark brown as well. She is of average weight, and is small-chested. Her “casual” wear consists on a black dress with a slit running up her right leg clear to the hip, with a pair of black combat boots. In this state her main weapon, Providence, is clearly seen on her left hip. The two halves of Draconian Volt are hidden in their travel forms in this state, each dagger strapped to her inner thigh as a precaution against pickpockets. When expecting combat, this changes to an attire more “appropriate” as Haruki herself puts it. This typically changes slightly during different seasons of the year. In the winter months it consists of a tan, fur-lined jacket alongside a pair of combat boots and black jeans. In the warmer seasons the outfit is comprised of a blue tank top and black skirt, while her black boots from her casual outfit persist as well.

To Save Space:

Personality: Haruki’s personality can commonly be described with the word ‘difficult’. While she has immense respect for her parents, and far more begrudging respect for everyone else she acknowledges as being her better, Haruki is more of an Alpha Bitch to everyone else. Her god-complex prevents her from seeing herself as anyone’s equal, and due to her self-imposed training she is generally on another level from her classmates. Due to all the books she has read she knows enough psychology to be a shrink, and can accurately predict her opponent’s next move majority of the time. And strangely enough she is never wrong. She lavishes the feeling she receives when she is worshipped by someone, and is generally put in a better mood each time this happens.

Semblance: Quicksilver- A passive ability that grants Haruki access to the hidden talents locked deep inside the halves of Draconian Volt. These abilities unlock when the crossguard is removed from contact with the blade’s sheath.

Quicksilver Stigma: Grants Haruki immense speed and agility, allowing her to strike faster than the human eye can track when she does so from a still, standing position. This is most easily used to set up traps for her enemies.

Quicksilver Blaze: Grants Haruki incredible damage potential when unlocked. Allowing her to easily cleave through an armored opponent so long as her other blade isn’t unlocked.

Quicksilver Dragon: If both blades are drawn, Haruki receives a slightly reduced output from both in combat. This makes her combat potential extremely high during battle once she decides to get serious. This effect diminishes on each attack, and once she hits her target 20 times Quicksilver will go on a 30 second cooldown.

+Extremely Intelligent
+Formidable Foe
+Excellent Swordswoman

-Easily Agitated
-Hates being bested
-Size is a tender topic


Name: Providence

First Form: A long, elegant rapier of Haruki’s creation. Capable of injuring even the most heavily-armored foes. May be enhanced using dust to transfer the effect to the next attack.

Bio: Created by Haruki during her spare time, Providence is most dominantly used until she decides to get serious.


Name: Draconian Volt

First Form: A pair of impressive scimitars. The right blade is named Stigma, while the left in named Blaze. Reacts with Haruki’s aura to provide bonus effects when her semblance is off cooldown. The sheath is infused with Dust to allow each respective blade to erupt with the signature element of the parent who aided in its creation.

Blaze: Fire
Stigma: Electric
SecondForm: The second form of Draconian Volt transforms the twin blades into a pair of daggers

Bio: Created by Haruki with aid from her parents, Corvou and Ishini, the two halves of Draconian Volt carry differing effects that react with her aura. A small symbol on the bottom of each weapon’s handle helps to identify the parent who helped with its creation.
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PostSubject: Re: Haruki Ishcul Azuryn ||| The Half-Dragon Mastermind   Fri May 08, 2015 6:09 pm

Yep, accepted.
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Haruki Ishcul Azuryn ||| The Half-Dragon Mastermind
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