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Tell me...are we truly heroes attempting to keep peace? Or are we the pawns being blindly guided to ignite another war?
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 Character Template [9-9-14]

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PostSubject: Character Template [9-9-14]   Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:46 pm

Here, you'll find the character template. Make sure to follow this, otherwise your character won't be accepted until you do!


Name: Pretty straight-forward.

Age: Straight-forward.

Gender: Straight-forward.

Based Off Of: Optional. Is your character based off of anything? If so, list it here.

Species: Faunus are, in fact, accepted. If your character is a Faunus, just include the animal that they represent. Examples include, but are not limited to:
“Wolf Faunus”
“Cat Faunus”
---and so on.

Symbol: Optional. Just a little personalization bit for your character, and all.

Jobs/Occupation: Straight-forward. Optional.

Appearance: Describe your character; physical features, clothing, and all. Description is more than welcome, so be as descriptive as you can and would like to be.

Bio: Give us some information about your character. How did he/she live in her early life? Did he/she attend any schools, or just had an all around tutor? What has occurred in his/her life in general thus far? Just give us a good breakdown of your character’s past – and make sure that it makes sense!

Personality: Describe how your character acts. Pretty simple. Placed after the History because creating a character History first could help with creating a character’s way of action.

Semblance: Pyrrha has Polarity. Ruby has her speed. What does your character have? Keep in mind that a character’s semblance should reflect some aspect regarding the history or personality of the character in mind. Alongside this, also remember that a Semblance is powered by Aura. The less Aura you have, essentially, the weaker your Semblance is.

Strengths: What is your character good at? ...

Weaknesses: ...And what is your character bad at?


Name: The name of your weapon. Simple enough.

First Form: What is the main form that your weapon takes?

Second Form: Does your weapon change forms? If so, describe the transformation.

Third Form: The third and final form that your weapon can take. Make sure that it makes sense!

Bio: How did this weapon come to be?





[u][b]Based Off Of:[/b][/u]












[u][b]First Form:[/b][/u]

[u][b]Second Form:[/b][/u]

[u][b]Third Form:[/b][/u]

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Character Template [9-9-14]
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